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Adam 'bearman" Griffiths took out the winter blues with some caribbean swells. Filmed by Holly Reed. Edited by Tronic.Pro

Featured on reaching over 15'000 views

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Adam 'bearman' Griffiths found a sweet long peeling left to get his log on.. 

Fetured on reciving over 5'000 views

Introducing Adam Griffiths, Featured on reaching over 15'000 views

After breaking my lower leg in early September, Whilst I was sat on the couch healing up, doing pretty much any thing I could to heal quicker. I started putting together all my best clips from the last couple of years. It made me happy remembering all the fun & enjoyment i'd had from surfing and travelling the past few years.I'm now back in the surf and have been for the last week. Froth levels are running high after having 11 weeks out of the water and each day my ankle gets a bit more flexible and my surfing improves. In just over a weeks time I will be heading to compete in China for the A.S.P Go Pro World longboard Championships. I'm not expecting huge results after my injury just yet! But I'm going to be super stoked to be surfing with the worlds best in warmer waters and if i get a few scores and make a heat or two it will be a bonus.










After a shitty few months at home over winter due to a broken ankle, I was almost fully healed and frothing for a surf trip & I thought a month of ankle rehab in Indonesia can’t do any harm!!! 

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